Samsung Galaxy vs Ipad 2

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most high quality tablets around that offer web surfing and all kinds of innovative features; however, the iPad 2 is another tablet worth checking out. Both offer the same design of a big touch screen to surf the web, email, apps, play games, and do all sorts of stuff. Which is why it has prompted people to believe that there is a Samsung Galaxy vs Ipad 2 competition. They may compete against each other with all sorts of designs, but the decision is still yours to decide as to what you think is best. So, which one should I buy?

Samsung Galaxy vs Ipad 2

Let's first take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab. First of all, it's wonderfully equipped with some of the best features upfront, so there's no need to jailbreak the gadget just to experience some extra features. It's completely able to let you surf the web and visit your favorite flash websites, so it's pretty convenient to have. What's nice about this is that the cameras are extremely high in resolution weighing down at 1280 X 800. If you want a good little gadget that you know is going to be useful, then this tablet is definitely worth having.

What's nice about the iPad 2 is that it still can't be beaten by its wonderful multitasking features; meaning you can go online and do other things while the original task you were trying to complete is done. What's cool is that it lasts for around 10 hours or more on regular use, so it's truly amazing how long you can use it. Most people liked this better than the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as it's much easier to use and get the hang of, but it's all just a matter of preference.

What struggles most people is finding out exactly what the cons are in these tablets. For the iPad 2, it's most definitely the fact that it can be quite hard to use when you visit flash related websites, as it doesn't allow any of those websites whatsoever. So, you may experience this as a problem. Don't forget that the resolution of the cameras aren't necessarily the best, so this may also be bad for you if you're expecting a super high quality level camera. With the Galaxy Tab, you'll find that their lack of games and apps limit the fun you can have in your free time. There are times when you might experience a lag type of feeling with the letters appearing on screen a little bit late. So, it's good to take both the pros and cons into consideration before making your purchase.

The truth is that both tablets offer wonderful features that the other doesn't have, so don't think that they aren't that great to use. For some, they'll find the Galaxy Tab worth using while others will experience much more joy when they use the iPad 2. Simply get yourself accustomed to what the both of them offer, and when you find one that suits and helps you out more than the other, then you should consider getting that tablet.


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Samsung Galaxy vs Ipad 2

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Samsung Galaxy vs Ipad 2

This article was published on 2011/12/19